Mayflower Nature Reserve. Transport only. Unguided

Jungle trekking waterfalls & Mayan ruins. Explore beautiful tropical jungle and swim in fresh water. Unguided

The Mayflower Bocawina National Park takes its name from one of the ancient Mayan sites recently found there. The reserve offers 7000 acres of beautiful Rainforest and jungle in a semi mountainous terrain. The area was made into a national Park in 2001. There are excavations going on at The Mayflower site along with two other sites in the park by the local Archeology Project.

Archeologists predict once the excavation is complete the Mayflower site will rank as one of the largest in Belize. Trail maps are available.  All three archeological sites are near the entrance and easily accessible on clear trails.

On the trail you can expect to see many types of birds including parrots and toucans. There are also howler monkeys, anteaters and many other species of wildlife evident in the park including the rarely seen jaguar. Of course the jaguar is a nocturnal creature, but hikers often see fresh footprints near the trails and an occasional jaguar spotting does happen.

Some of the hikes are steep and require hikers to grab onto ropes to climb to the top of the trails. The main trail through the reserve is called The Antelope Trail and the water falls on that trail are called the Antelope Falls where there are several places to swim and the water is pure and clear and the torrent crashing down the side of the mountain is incredibly refreshing

  • Stunning tropical Jungle and wildlife
  • Archaeological site
  • Swimming in Waterfalls
  • Spectacular views

Please stop by the front desk for details and assistance with contacting tour operators.

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