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  • Even though we are not tour operators, we work with the finest licensed, official tour operators and guides in the area. We help guests of the Funky Dodo organize tours and outings. Please stop by the front desk for details and assistance with contacting tour operators.
  • Tours are available from a number of tour operators in the village, and include marine excursions in the blue Caribbean waters, jungle treks & swimming in waterfalls. Night time crocodile spotting adventure on the river & Mayan ruin exploration in the whole country of Belize.
    • Full day snorkeling adventures
    • Mayflower nature reserve
    • Zipline
    • Cockscomb Jaguar reserve
    • Mayan sites
    • Night time river tours

    Tours with our partners start for as little as US$50.00 per person and our accommodation starts at US$11.25 per person per night

    • To check out our rates for accommodation & to book your stay online please click here

There are dive shops in Hopkins from where you can do anything from fun dives to multi tank excursions to the blue hole, Glovers atoll and the barrier reef which is close by. Of course the dive centers offer complete dive certification courses.

The beach is a great spot to hang out and relax and really feel the local vibe. As the Funky Dodo is located only 50 meters from the water it is a perfect place to watch the sunrise over the calm ocean and take an early morning dip. Swimming at night is perfectly safe and can offer some incredible experiences if there is a full moon reflecting across the water and the phosphorescent plankton leaves a wake of fluorescent light in the water following your movements. The sea can sometimes be like a sheet of glass it is so calm and creates quite an atmosphere. The beach is lined with palm trees so there is plenty of shade all day long and there are a few bars on the beach that serve food and drink. The laws of Belize dictate that all of the beach is public right of way 60 foot from the shore line. There are access roads to the beach every few hundred feet.

On the north side of the village there is the fresh water lagoon which is a vast network of streams lagoons and canals. You can rent a 2 man kayak and paddle along the beach for a short distance and then enter the lagoon from the mouth of the river and go and explore the inland waters where a vast amount of birds and wild life can be spotted as well as fairly large crocodiles. There is a 35 foot high lookout tower there too which is free of charge to climb.

There are night time excursions to the lagoon available to see the phosphorescence in the water and the eyes of the crocs gleaming in the dark.

On the south side of the village is Sittee Point which is mostly private residences and small resorts that offer good food and swimming pools (for a nominal charge). Beyond Sittee point you will reach the marina, located right on the river. From there one can get to Sittee River village which is a picturesque little place that has a couple of shops and bars. The village is also on the river and is very quiet place. You can also rent canoes and kayaks in the area and go for a paddle up and down the river and along the small creeks and canals.

Further inland from Hopkins Village one can get to Cockscomb basin Jaguar sanctuary that covers 130,000 acres of tropical jungle, crystal clear rivers, streams and waterfalls where you can swim and relax on the rocky formations. One can also climb Victoria Peak if you are of the adventurous hard core trekking type; or, take an easier climb up to Ben’s Bluff for the less arduous walkers. There are easy strolls in the jungle under the canopy that you will bring you to a waterfall and natural pools or extreme treks up rocky mountains and everything in between.

The Mayflower reserve is also very close by where you can walk, climb, swim, and study abundant wild life and stunning vegetation and see the highest waterfall in the country.

Just beyond Mayflower reserve there is the longest Zip line in Belize that has 8 white knuckle lines, one of which is half a mile long and you can hit 40 Mph…

In the village you can rent dirt bikes and go off exploring the many trails around the area at your own leisure. There are places you can only get to with a dirt bike and for the more experienced bikers there is some really tough terrain and steep rocky climbs that will take you to places that very few people ever get to.

Many travelers, particularly the people who have been travelling for longer love Hopkins because it is chilled out and relaxed, the beach is just there, there is inexpensive food and drink available close by, hammocks to lay in and listen to the birds tweeting and watch the world go by. There are good spots to hang out all over the village Of course we maintain a great atmosphere at The Funky Dodo at all times and many folks will spend a lot of time here meeting people and exchanging adventure stories.

Tours start for as little as US$50.00 per person and our accommodation starts at US$11.25 per person per night

  • To check out our rates for accommodation & to book your stay online please click here

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