Air Conditioning now available for the TreeTop Queen Rooms!

Air Conditioning now available for the TreeTop Queen rooms 

BZ$20 per day (plus tax)

We are trying something new: We have one portable ac unit which can be installed in your room in about 10 minutes.  We only have one, so— first come, first served.

When you book, choose one of the TreeTop Queen rooms, and under “Extras”, choose “AirCon” for each night. Sorry, our system is a little awkward that way, but you must do it for every night you are staying with us to get the correct total.

Electricity is very expensive in Belize (about 5 times higher than in the US, for instance). We ask that if you are not in the room that you please turn off the unit. If you don’t, we will.😀*We reserve the right to enter your room to turn off the AC if you leave it on while you are out and about.

This is a trial run for us, to see if there is demand.

If more people want AC, we will acquire more units.

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