Short History of Hopkins, Belize

Short History of Hopkins, Belize:

Jakunu dancer in Hopkins
Jakunu dancer in Hopkins

A small village in Central America, Hopkins Belize is home to a fascinating mystery. It is said that Hopkins was founded when a woman named Sirrian and her two young daughters arrived from Uganda, Africa. Sirrian’s Uganda roots were the basis of Hopkins’ original name: Yugadan. It is anyone’s guess what happened to Sirrian or her daughters because they disappeared from the record.  While Sirrian and her daughters may be part of Hopkins’ origin myth, what is irrefutable is the arrival of Garifuna people in the Hopkins area around 1937 when Black Caribs, the Garinagu, escaped persecution they were suffering at the hands of the people of Honduras. They settled here and founded the vibrant fishing village of Hopkins.

Over time, few things have changed with the Garifuna people living in the Hopkins area because they treasure their past, their customs and folkways.

In 1942, a name change was proposed. Area leaders chose the name Hopkins to pay tribute to Bishop Frederick Hopkins who  drowned nearby.

Now a popular hub for both Garifuna residents and tourists coming to stay in the area, no visitor to Belize should  miss spending some time among “the friendliest people” in the nation. And of course, the best place to stay is right in the middle of the village, at the Funky Dodo! BOOK NOW!

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