shopping: groceries, gifts, souvenirs

Best local markets in Hopkins  — Places to get what you need (shopping, groceries, gifts, souvenirs):

Even if Hopkins is a very small village, we have everything you need to make your stay enjoyable. Listed below are some of our favorite places to shop, but by no means are all the stores and gift shops listed here. Go for a wander, or get on one of our bikes and explore Hopkins! Get a feel for the Garifuna vibe, discover Garifuna, Mayan and Belizean culture.

There are also quite often pop up stands on the side of the road that sell a variety of items, from fruit and veg to barbeque chicken or pork.

Of course we are ready to answer any questions you might have, and help you to find whatever you might need.  We hope to see you in Hopkins at the Funky Dodo soon!

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  • For general merchandise/groceries:
    • Castillo store (north side)
    • Happy store (center)
    • Fe Wi mart (south)
  • Fruit/veg:
    • Fruit and veg stand just south of Happy store
    • Fruit and veg stand next to Fe Wi mart
    • Pop-up stand in the church yard
  • Gifts/souvenirs:  These all have different selections of locally made handicrafts and tourist items
    • GariMaya gift shop (far south end of the village –if you only go to one, make it this one!)
    • Yougadan (north side)
    • Blossoming (north side)
    • Joyjah (center)
    • Seashell art by Alex (south side)

Visit GariMaya Gift Shop on your trip to Hopkins   Visit GariMaya Gift Shop on your trip to Hopkins

best local markets in Hopkins– Places to get what you need, and shop for souvenirs and gifts. Shopping, groceries, gifts, souvenirs

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